About Us


We make you plunge into the world of exquisite beauty, become an involuntary participant in the creative process, get imbued with the feeling of light coming from exotic pets

About Our Online Store

At royal exotic pet We are a family run business, with a huge passion for animals. Keeping and breeding various species has always been at our core and seen us working across the industry from Zoos, Pet Retail, Veterinary and plus market leading Reptile and Aquatic Brands. This means we bring a wealth of over 20years experience in the advice and products we offer.

All our livestock is sourced using the very best suppliers and breeders for the strongest and healthiest animals and everything is cared for as if they were our own pets. We want to give you the best experience when embarking on the journey of exotic pet keeping and enjoy every minute of it as much as we do. We have all the tools you need to be successful and look forward to welcoming keepers of all ages and experience levels either in store or online.

There is no price for true love, strong friendship, mutual respect, but an exotic pet can be the equivalent of each of these concepts, by telling, even with no words, about what often remains beyond the borders.