Return Policy

Returns & Refund Policy

The buyer has the right to refuse the ordered products at any time before its receipt*.

If for any reason you decide to refuse the ordered products, please contact us at info@pegasus-leaders.com  

The Buyer is not entitled to refuse the product of proper quality with its custom characteristics, if the specified product may be used only by the Customer who purchased it*.

These include personal inscriptions, engraving, selected material, color and other characteristics that differ from the standard product in the www.pegasus-leaders.com online store.

At the time of the order receipt you shall personally check integrity of the packaging and appearance of the product. Responsibility for safety of the products during transportation is borne by the transport company.

We insure cargo from damage and accidental loss during transportation. In case of product defects, please contact us at info@pegasus-leaders.com

Rules for returning the products of proper quality

The buyer has the right to refuse the ordered products of proper quality within 7 (seven) days* from the product delivery.

You can return the products of proper quality if it maintains marketable condition (including, but not limited to: company packaging, factory labels, seals, marking), consumer properties, as well as a document confirming the fact and terms of purchase of the specified product.

You cannot return used products.

If the Buyer's has no document confirming the fact and terms of purchase of the products, he/she may refer to other evidence of purchase of the products.

 The term of processing and approval of the return is 1-3 business days from the date of receipt of the products by the Seller.

In order to decide on approval of the return, the Seller checks:

- integrity of packaging;

- marketable condition (including the absence of scratches);

- product certificates.

NOTE!  All of the above requirements are mandatory to return the products.

In order to avoid misunderstandings, do not send the products that do not meet the return requirements.

An examination is possible if defects are identified or the product has lost its original appearance. 

After processing and approval of the return, the funds will be sent to the bank card used to make payment for the product within 1 to 10 banking days.

No cash refund is possible.

Please note that crediting of the returned funds depends on the speed of transaction processing by your bank and can reach up to 30 business days.

Dispatch of returned products.

 Contact us at info@pegasus-leaders.com.Depending on your location, we will choose the best way to return the purchased products.

The return policy is written in two languages: Arabic and English. Both contracts have the same legal force. 

*Please note that delivery of the return shipping to the Seller shall be paid by the Buyer.


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